We welcome all in our local community and visitors to share with us in our worship and events at St John the Baptist Church Londonthorpe. We hope to be:

'A welcoming church that points to Jesus
by celebrating God's love in our community'

We find that we often draw closer to God in moments of change in our lives. We are happy to discuss with you any interest you may have in Baptisms or Weddings even if you do not normally attend our church. 

Celebrating the Birth of John the Baptist

In the Wider Church we Celebrate the Birth of John the Baptist each year on the 24th of June. At our church in Londonthorpe we have a celebration service on the nearest Sunday at 4pm.


This year we will be having our celebration service on Sunday 25th June at 4pm. All are welcome.


A Poem


Fold hands to pray,
Or touch with love,
to smooth a care away,
To bind a wound,
To feed a child,
Help others day by day.

Without our hands
How could we live
Or work or cope at all?
Skilled hands save life,
Hands hold us close,
Support us when we fall.

With upturned palms,
Accept God's gifts
And count your blessings too.
Give thanks and praise,
For all you have
And what your hands can do.
          © Enid Hewitt 2010

Contact us

Rev'd Chris Boland
Harrowby Vicarage
Edinburgh Road
Grantham NG31 9QZ
Tel: 01476 564781

The Parish of
   the BAPTIST

New Sunday Service Times



First Sunday of the month
11:30am Holy Communion (in modern language) with Hymns


Second Sunday of the month
08:30 Said Holy Communion (in traditional language)


Third Sunday of the month

11:30am Morning Prayer (in modern language) with Hymns


Fourth Sunday of the month
08:30 Said Morning Prayer (in traditional language) 


Fifth Sunday of the month
08:30 Said Holy Communion (in traditional language)